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It’s Always New!


Some people may be looking at Your Golf Mind and thinking is this new?  Is it a new idea? A creation? A development? Or simply a positive step forward in achieving what was my dream four years ago that I’m now making a reality? Well, let me tell you a little secret. People close to me certainly know that my “new” adventure is certainly not new! They have listened to me over the years saying I CAN and I WILL do this.


Four years ago I discovered NLP, and it made sense to apply the principles and skills to my passion – golf. It became my dream. How could make this happen?  Like most things in life we end up getting distracted and the universe decides to movee us into other areas.


Thankfully I moved into charity work which gave me the opportunity to develop myself. I became skilled in solution focused coaching and worked with veterans, existing military personnel and their families to enance their lives. I am so grateful for this experience.


Earlier this year I wrote a short e -mail to Dr Karl Morris (owner at Mind Factor) explaining my future plans. The response I got from him was truly amazing and made me even more determined to start making steps towards setting up my own company. I am truly grateful for that gentle push I received.


Since that e mail there has been a noticeable shift in my own universe. I have remained patient with choices I have made and truly grounded myself but yet I still find myself very excited and nervous about my new venture. Fear can drive us into some very strange places, but if you can harness that energy and turn it into something positive you can certainly achieve your goals.


If I can consolidate my knowledge in terms of performance, focus, belief and value change then I can offer these new ways of being to my golf clients.


See – it’s all new at first! We make a choice – this can start with a thought or creation of some kind; a new way of being or doing. We then implement change because of choice –  now imagine having the power to choose what you want and the impact it can have on your game. There are many different theories on change – as the old saying goes “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”


Choice and change are no different. I agree that sometimes we make the wrong choice but remember it is just a choice we made – there’s never really a right or wrong path.


Your Golf Mind will help enable you to make those choices with clear focus.


As I said at the beginning of this blog  – we have many CHOICES but  we now can work on that new CHANGE.


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